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B - Retro Look

17/08/2010 18:31
 The retro look is everywhere.  Especially with the Apple IPod advertising.   Perhaps the appeal is the simplicity of the technique. Adobe Illustrator has just the tools to achieve this look quickly and easily. Here we’re going to create a retro look using custom brushes...

8 - Tracing a Picture for a Drawing.

17/08/2010 18:12
Full detailed tutorial on how to draw and trace people from a photo. Learn how to create realistic illustration with just simple gradient fill. No massive Gradient Mesh!   Place a photo First place a photo in Layer 1 by File > Place or Copy & Paste from clip board. Double...

4 - Envelope Distortion.

17/08/2010 18:10
  Envelope Distorted   Find a beautiful photo that you would like to use for your artwork. It has to have a couple of separate sections that you can edit and change like below.  Please make sure that your professor agrees to the picture.  Place it in Illustrator by File...

1 Zig Zag

17/08/2010 18:05
 Zigzag Lines from Ddesign.   This tutorial shows you how to create a stamp image with Illustrator Zig Zag effect. It is useful for designing photo edge or album cover. Draw a Rectangle Path Select the Rectangle Tool, create a box like the image below. Go to Effect >...

3 Review of Previously Learnt

17/08/2010 18:05
  3D logos - remembering what you have learnt.   3D Text Use the Type tool, type in “3D Logo”. Change the color of the text to a different color besides black.  You must click on the layer before you do the next step.  So go on the Path menu, make sure you are on the...

New event

06/04/2010 19:12
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